Parallel Presenters Pages

Hi everyone,

You might have noticed a new addition to the menu bar of this website, namely, the Parallel Session Presenters tab. Over the next few weeks, as information comes in from the Parallel Presenters, I’ll be updating this section, on a rolling basis, in order to provide our presenters with an opportunity to introduce themselves and their paper topics for Ecclesia and Ethics, and in order for attendees to begin planning what sessions they’d most like to attend. Remember, we will be recording video for all of the presentations, and videos will be available shortly after the conference to registrants for all of the presentations. This way, if you have to decide between a few papers you’d really like to see, you’ll be able to catch the one you missed later. Additionally, there will be a password protected conference message board, on which registrants will be able to carry on the conversation after the conference. All of this is forthcoming.

In addition to this, on Sunday April 7th, we’ll upload a Pre-Conference E-Program, which will contain the conference schedule and all of the paper titles that we have obtained thus far from our presenters. This program will be subject to change in some of the minor particulars (i.e. we’re still in the process of contacting some of our parallel presenters to receive their information and confirmations on slots etc) but it will remain as is with regard to the schedule for main speakers and the majority of presenters. This is one really helpful element to the e-conference format in that we can continually update media in a really organic way until the actual event itself, thus getting information to all involved in a timely manner, and not being tied down to print deadlines (and expenses!) on conference programs etc.

Thanks and keep spreading the word,

John and the Ecclesia and Ethics Team