Conference Completed but Registration remains open!

by truthstatic

The inaugural Ecclesia and Ethics online international biblical studies and theology conference has been completed. The conference is over, but surprisingly we continue to receive registrations, even after the live event has ended. We think this is great, and therefore we wanted to let interested parties know that we’ve decided to keep the registration open through July. If you register, even though the live portion of the conference is over, you will receive a schedule, and all of the private, password-protected video links and handouts for the presentations of the Ecclesia and Ethics conference. You will also be given access to our soon-to-be-established messageboard.

We had a great time meeting with folks from all over the world to converse about, dream about, and deeply and critically reflect about the role and relationship of the Church to Moral Formation. There were a variety of theological, geographical, and vocational perspectives represented. So much more is to come, including the publication of selections of the proceedings, planning for Ecclesia and Ethics II, and the launch of our new peer-reviewed e-journal on the same topic. Keep checking back here as we venture into new terrain in the very near future. Consider even joining with us in some way as we work at these things. We seek to make them a communal and ecclesial conversation and community, and you are invited to the table.