Registration Closed and Video Links to Expire July 25th, 2013

by truthstatic

Hi everyone,

We’re really surprised and excited that folks continued to register for the event months after the live meeting, catching the talks they missed through our video links. However, we want to let you know that the links will expire July 25th, 2013 as this is the “end” of the month of our July Subscription. I’m in the process of downloading all of the links so that they can be made available in the future through another venue. One location may in fact be through the publisher T&T Clark, for those conference presenters who are interested in having their videos available. However, this is all still in the works. We’ll let everyone know as soon as we have an idea of where they might be located.


Again, thanks for everyone’s participation in this global, online conference of the Church.

—The E&E Team