First Round of Videos from EE II Posted

by truthstatic

Facebook Video Shot

We’ve just uploaded the first of several rounds of videos from Ecclesia and Ethics II, and provided links to them on various speaker pages. Over the next week we should be able to get them all uploaded. Keep checking back every few days for more audio and video.

The webinar provider does not have the ability to record webcams yet (just screen share and voices), and so some videos are mostly audio, while some provide a powerpoint show, depending on what the presenter used during the conference presentation.

A password is being sent tonight to all the conference registrants. You can still register for the conference and watch it via video, and you will receive the password for the videos, and the password for 35% discount on T&T Clark’s catalogue.

These are the first ones that we uploaded. Thanks for the presenters for their engaging and diverse papers. Enjoy!

William Struthers“Pleasure Without Presence: Exploring the Psychological and Spiritual Impact of Online Sexuality and Entertainment”

Thomas Brauer “Thou Shalt not Steal: the use of digital and internet sourced photography in ecclesial contexts”

Kent Kersey “What Steve Jobs Taught Me About Teaching Theology”

John Dyer “The Reincarnation of Places and Things in a Post-Internet World”

Derek Schuurman “Shaping a Digital World: Faith and Computer Technology”

Christopher Adams “Iconoclasm: Owning Bodies within the World Wide Web”

Bex Lewis “The Digital Age: Photoshopped Selves?”