Third (and last) Mega Round of EE II Videos

by truthstatic

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Hello friends,


Thanks for your patience on this last round of videos from EE II. The list below concludes our available links from Ecclesia and Ethics II. There were several files which did not save properly on the Gotomeeting site due to technical difficulties beyond our control. We do apologize if your paper, or a paper you were hoping to see is one of the presentations that falls into this category! That said, for those who were registered attendees/presenters of the conference, you can access any and all of these videos by using the special password given during the conference. If you have lost/forgotten the password, no problem! Just contact us and we’ll send you a reminder.

Thanks to all who participated and attended and join us next year for Ecclesia and Ethics III, a conference on Human Sexuality and the Church.

All the best,

The Ecclesia and Ethics Team

Walter Kim“The Temple, Technology,and Cultural Transformation”

Brandon Cox — Untitled Presentation

Mike Bird“Blogging in the Name of the Lord: What is the Virtue of Christian Blogging and Other Social Media”

Clark Elliston  — “Crafting or Bearing the Present? Avatars and the Character of Community”

Carolyn Alsen“Staring at Narrative Surveillance in Genesis and Cyberspace”

Ian Clausen“Desire, Transcendence and Virtual Identity”

Katherine G. Schmidt  — “Joys and Hopes, Griefs and Anxieties: Theological Worry and the Possibilities of the Internet”

Arthur Keefer  — “Principles of Pedagogy with Jesus and the Insufficiency of Online Theological Education”

Michael Jimenez  — “Closing the Borders: A Postcolonial Theological Interpretation of the Virtual World”

Michael Glowasky  — “Communication, Culture and St. Augustine: How the Internet Cultivates Fertile Ground for the Gospel”

Thomas Creedy “Disembodied Relationality: contextualising an ethic of social media within an understanding of the Imago Dei”

Brian LePort“Status Anxiety, Social Media, and Discipleship”