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Ecclesia and Ethics Interview with Shane Claiborne

We’re in the process of conducting audio and video interviews with many of our Main Speakers for Ecclesia and Ethics. Check out our exclusive interview with Shane Claiborne of The Simple Way and listen in as John Dunne (of and Ecclesia and Ethics) and John Frederick (of and Ecclesia and Ethics) speak with Shane about: the Unity of the Church, the Spiritual Disciplines, Christian Ethics, the conference as “Gospel Inertia”, and more!


Ecclesia and Ethics Interview Shane Claiborne — 2/5/2013 from Ecclesia Ethics on Vimeo.

An Eco-friendly and Economically-feasible Online Biblical Studies and Theology Conference

Saturday May 18th and Saturday May 25th 2013

  dddd2pm-12am BST time (6am- 4pm PDT, 8am-6pm CDT, 9am-7pm EDT)

ddddddddddddAdmission: $10/£7 (minimum) Charity Donation

dddddddddddddddddddddfeaturing Main Papers by:


ddfffddddssnssdN.T . Wright   dfbMichael Gorman   Stanley Hauerwas


ddfddddddddMariam Kamell     Dennis Hollinger      Brian Rosner


ddd4f4Shane Claiborne            Nijay Gupta                 Michael Barber

hfhhfhhfhhfhhfhhfhhfhhfhh Sungmin Min Chun-1

hfhfhfhfhfhfhfhfhfhfhfhfhfSungmin Min Chunlaiborne

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