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Saturday March 14th

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14:00 GMT Jenell Paris –  “Courageous Leadership in Christian Sex/Gender Conflicts”

15:00 GMT – Breakout Session #1

Teri Merrick“A Not So Modest Proposal: Faithfully Redefining Christian Marriage”

Coleman Ford“They Share Their Food but Not Their Wives”: Sexual Holiness as Christian Apologetic in the Second-Century”

Christina Hitchcock“Help! I’m a Virgin!: An Eschatological Response to American Evangelicalism’s Fear of Celibacy”


16:00 GMT – Irmtraud Fischer “The Old Testament´s Views of Female Sexuality”


17:00 GMT – Tremper Longman  “God Loves Sex: Hope and Warnings from the Song of Songs”




19:00 GMT – Mark Yarhouse “Sexual Identity, Gender Identity & Psychology: Toward an Integrated Framework for Counseling & Pastoral Care”


20:00 GMT – Elaine Storkey “Scars Across Humanity: The Ubiquity of Gender-Based Violence”


21:00 GMT – Breakout Session #2

John Forcey“Why You Should Wait: A Defense of the Idea that Sex Before Marriage is Wrong”

David Williams“Can It Ever Be Acceptable for Evangelicals to Condone Same-Sex Relationships?”

Jonathon Lookadoo“Identifying Gender Roles in Early Pauline Readers: The Household Codes of 1 Clement, Ignatius, and Polycarp”

-PDF Download for Jonathon Lookadoo’s Paper: GENDER ROLES IN EARLY PAULINE READERS (Handout)


End of Day One


Saturday March 21st

14:00 GMT – Preston Sprinkle “Same-sex Relations in Romans 1? A Critical Evaluation of the Excessive Lust Interpretation”


15:00 GMT – Andrew Marin “Constructing a Social Ethic of Inclusion for the 21st Century Church”

16:00 GMT – Breakout Session #3

Nate Collins“Enculturated Categorization and Secondary Gender Identities: A Social Identity Theory Approach”

Jonathan Lynch“Sexuality or the Will of the Ego: An Evaluation of Bonhoeffer’s Understanding of the Origin of Evil”

Branson Parler“The Body and the Earth: The Agrarianism of Wendell Berry as Praeparatio Evangelica for Humanae Vitae”

17:00 GMT – Frank Heinrich “Human Trafficking in Germany: What Can We Do?”


19:00 GMT – Breakout Session #4

Adam Wirrig“To Whom are We Speaking? Insights upon 1 Corinthians 6:9 from the writings of Luther and Calvin”

Alden Bass“Reproductive Renunciation and Christian Adoption”

Joanne Mumley“Exploring Ethics and Theology of Human Sexuality from a Biblical and Ecclesial Perspective: Intimacy in Twilight”

20:00 GMT – Gabriel Dy-Liacco “The New Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors: Nature, Scope, and First Fruits”

21:00 GMT – Wesley Hill “Washed and Still Waiting: Homosexuality in Evangelical Perspective”

End of Conference