Ecclesia and Ethics III

Human Sexuality

A Conference on the Church’s Engagement with Sexuality

Saturday March 14th and Saturday March 21st, 2015 w/ a special opening lecture and Q&A on March 7th

Ecclesia and Ethics III is an Academic and Ecclesial conference Exploring an Ethics and Theology of Human Sexuality from a Biblical and Ecclesial Perspective There will also be an introductory session with Steve Chalke (Oasis Church, United Nations Special Advisor) on March 7th.
 The rest of the plenary and parallel sessions will take place on Saturday March 14th and Saturday March 21st 2015 in real-time via the high-tech Webinar site http://www.gotomeeting.com.


No software will need to be purchased by presenters or attendees, and Webinar access is provided entirely for free due to a generous grant through Corban University. Participants and attendees will be able to sign on, present, and listen to or watch presentations from anywhere in the world with reliable internet and a computer. Registration for the conference will consist of a $10/£7 (minimum) donation to one of our Recommended Charities (tbd). We invite participants to give according to their means above the $10/£7 to one or more of our charities if they feel led and are able. Registration will open February of 2015.


*Be sure to “download the desktop version” of gotomeeting when prompted in order to properly hear the speakers.

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