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Third (and last) Mega Round of EE II Videos

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Hello friends,


Thanks for your patience on this last round of videos from EE II. The list below concludes our available links from Ecclesia and Ethics II. There were several files which did not save properly on the Gotomeeting site due to technical difficulties beyond our control. We do apologize if your paper, or a paper you were hoping to see is one of the presentations that falls into this category! That said, for those who were registered attendees/presenters of the conference, you can access any and all of these videos by using the special password given during the conference. If you have lost/forgotten the password, no problem! Just contact us and we’ll send you a reminder.

Thanks to all who participated and attended and join us next year for Ecclesia and Ethics III, a conference on Human Sexuality and the Church.

All the best,

The Ecclesia and Ethics Team

Walter Kim“The Temple, Technology,and Cultural Transformation”

Brandon Cox — Untitled Presentation

Mike Bird“Blogging in the Name of the Lord: What is the Virtue of Christian Blogging and Other Social Media”

Clark Elliston  — “Crafting or Bearing the Present? Avatars and the Character of Community”

Carolyn Alsen“Staring at Narrative Surveillance in Genesis and Cyberspace”

Ian Clausen“Desire, Transcendence and Virtual Identity”

Katherine G. Schmidt  — “Joys and Hopes, Griefs and Anxieties: Theological Worry and the Possibilities of the Internet”

Arthur Keefer  — “Principles of Pedagogy with Jesus and the Insufficiency of Online Theological Education”

Michael Jimenez  — “Closing the Borders: A Postcolonial Theological Interpretation of the Virtual World”

Michael Glowasky  — “Communication, Culture and St. Augustine: How the Internet Cultivates Fertile Ground for the Gospel”

Thomas Creedy “Disembodied Relationality: contextualising an ethic of social media within an understanding of the Imago Dei”

Brian LePort“Status Anxiety, Social Media, and Discipleship”


Second (Brief) Round of EE II Session Recordings and Videos

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Hi Folks,

We’ve got a bunch more in the process of being uploaded this week, but for now, I invite you to dig into Round I of the posted videos (see post below) or these three, new, excellent presentations from Andy Byers, Ben Myers, and Bill Mounce.


Andrew Byers “TheoMedia: Divine Communication and a Biblical Theology of the

Bill Mounce “Can Virtual Education be Holistic and Transformative?”

Ben Myers “The ethics of looking: patristic reflections on the cyber gaze”


To view the videos, just use the password which has been emailed out to you. If you forget the password, you can email

On deck for the end of this week (Friday) are:

Walter Kim “The Temple, Technology,and Cultural Transformation”,

Brandon Cox’s paper on Technology and the Church,

Arthur Keefer “Principles of Pedagogy with Jesus and the Insufficiency of Online Theological Education”,

Katherine Schmidt “Joys and Hopes, Griefs and Anxieties: Theological Worry and the Possibilities of the Internet”, and

Brian LePort’s “Status Anxiety, Social Media, and Discipleship” Presentations.

First Round of Videos from EE II Posted

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We’ve just uploaded the first of several rounds of videos from Ecclesia and Ethics II, and provided links to them on various speaker pages. Over the next week we should be able to get them all uploaded. Keep checking back every few days for more audio and video.

The webinar provider does not have the ability to record webcams yet (just screen share and voices), and so some videos are mostly audio, while some provide a powerpoint show, depending on what the presenter used during the conference presentation.

A password is being sent tonight to all the conference registrants. You can still register for the conference and watch it via video, and you will receive the password for the videos, and the password for 35% discount on T&T Clark’s catalogue.

These are the first ones that we uploaded. Thanks for the presenters for their engaging and diverse papers. Enjoy!

William Struthers“Pleasure Without Presence: Exploring the Psychological and Spiritual Impact of Online Sexuality and Entertainment”

Thomas Brauer “Thou Shalt not Steal: the use of digital and internet sourced photography in ecclesial contexts”

Kent Kersey “What Steve Jobs Taught Me About Teaching Theology”

John Dyer “The Reincarnation of Places and Things in a Post-Internet World”

Derek Schuurman “Shaping a Digital World: Faith and Computer Technology”

Christopher Adams “Iconoclasm: Owning Bodies within the World Wide Web”

Bex Lewis “The Digital Age: Photoshopped Selves?”

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Registration now Open

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We’ve just opened registration for Ecclesia and Ethics II. You can register here by choosing a charity and emailing us. Spread the word!

Announcing Ecclesia and Ethics II

Gospel Community and Virtual Existence

A Conference Exploring an Ethics and Theology of the Internet from a Biblical and Ecclesial Perspective.

Saturday March 1st and Saturday March 8th, 2014

Online. In Real-time. Via Webinar


Confirmed Keynote Speakers thus far include:

Michael Bird, John Mark Reynolds, Ben Meyers, Mark D. Baker, William M. Struthers, Brandon Cox, Scott Rae, Walter Kim, and just added Bill Mounce , Derek C. Schuurman, Douglas R. Groothuis, and Loren E. Wilkenson

and 20 additional parallel presenters from around the world!


Registration Closed and Video Links to Expire July 25th, 2013

Hi everyone,

We’re really surprised and excited that folks continued to register for the event months after the live meeting, catching the talks they missed through our video links. However, we want to let you know that the links will expire July 25th, 2013 as this is the “end” of the month of our July Subscription. I’m in the process of downloading all of the links so that they can be made available in the future through another venue. One location may in fact be through the publisher T&T Clark, for those conference presenters who are interested in having their videos available. However, this is all still in the works. We’ll let everyone know as soon as we have an idea of where they might be located.


Again, thanks for everyone’s participation in this global, online conference of the Church.

—The E&E Team

Conference Completed but Registration remains open!

The inaugural Ecclesia and Ethics online international biblical studies and theology conference has been completed. The conference is over, but surprisingly we continue to receive registrations, even after the live event has ended. We think this is great, and therefore we wanted to let interested parties know that we’ve decided to keep the registration open through July. If you register, even though the live portion of the conference is over, you will receive a schedule, and all of the private, password-protected video links and handouts for the presentations of the Ecclesia and Ethics conference. You will also be given access to our soon-to-be-established messageboard.

We had a great time meeting with folks from all over the world to converse about, dream about, and deeply and critically reflect about the role and relationship of the Church to Moral Formation. There were a variety of theological, geographical, and vocational perspectives represented. So much more is to come, including the publication of selections of the proceedings, planning for Ecclesia and Ethics II, and the launch of our new peer-reviewed e-journal on the same topic. Keep checking back here as we venture into new terrain in the very near future. Consider even joining with us in some way as we work at these things. We seek to make them a communal and ecclesial conversation and community, and you are invited to the table.



Parallel Presenters Pages

Hi everyone,

You might have noticed a new addition to the menu bar of this website, namely, the Parallel Session Presenters tab. Over the next few weeks, as information comes in from the Parallel Presenters, I’ll be updating this section, on a rolling basis, in order to provide our presenters with an opportunity to introduce themselves and their paper topics for Ecclesia and Ethics, and in order for attendees to begin planning what sessions they’d most like to attend. Remember, we will be recording video for all of the presentations, and videos will be available shortly after the conference to registrants for all of the presentations. This way, if you have to decide between a few papers you’d really like to see, you’ll be able to catch the one you missed later. Additionally, there will be a password protected conference message board, on which registrants will be able to carry on the conversation after the conference. All of this is forthcoming.

In addition to this, on Sunday April 7th, we’ll upload a Pre-Conference E-Program, which will contain the conference schedule and all of the paper titles that we have obtained thus far from our presenters. This program will be subject to change in some of the minor particulars (i.e. we’re still in the process of contacting some of our parallel presenters to receive their information and confirmations on slots etc) but it will remain as is with regard to the schedule for main speakers and the majority of presenters. This is one really helpful element to the e-conference format in that we can continually update media in a really organic way until the actual event itself, thus getting information to all involved in a timely manner, and not being tied down to print deadlines (and expenses!) on conference programs etc.

Thanks and keep spreading the word,

John and the Ecclesia and Ethics Team


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